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How to get the best experience ? Read some instructions here...

This is an experiment

Star Tours Immersion Wireframe

Use a speedy internet connexion (prefer Wifi / Ethernet over cellular Data)

Best viewed with Firefox Nightly (works also with Chrome VR).

Should work OK on (very) recent phones, but no guarantees for older devices...

Want to experience this in Virtual Reality? See below for details...

About Virtual Reality

What devices work with VR mode?

Here is a small list of devices which worked: iPhone 5s/6 (works with Safari on iOS 8+), Galaxy S4/S5, Nexus 5, Archos 50 Diamond. For Android devices, Firefox Nightly is recommended.

Best experience should be with the Oculus Rift on PC/Mac (use the latest Chrome VR build, and read the documentation).

How to start ?...

Tap the "Activate VR" button, rotate your device to landscape and check the devices settings in "VR Setup". When done, close this configuration screen, put your phone in a VR adapter (like this one) and enjoy ! :)

IMPORTANT: on iOS devices, tap anywhere on the screen before switching to VR mode (this will start the loading process in background).

How do I navigate in VR mode ?

Do you see that white point in the center of your sight ? Align it for a few seconds on the item you want to activate (a green "Start" button to launch a ride, etc).

Display looks weird in VR mode...

Tap the "VR Setup" button on the bottom of the screen, and check if the "Screen size" is correct. Change it to match your device. You can also choose the VR headset you're using from here.

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Discovery Mountain Immersion Wireframe

These projects are technical experimentations, and non-official tributes, solely for not for profit activity. It doesn't intend to infringe on copyrights belonging to THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY and/or any entities involved in the making or exploitation of the VISIONARIUM, SPACE MOUNTAIN or STAR TOURS rides.

I'm not associated in any way with THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY or any of its subsidiaries.

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